Leco - ECC using Linear Erasure Codes


Leco is a program to calculate a certain type of error correction codes (linear erasure codes).

In encoding mode leco processes a data file and produces an ECC file. Various parameters that affect the ECC file size, the error correction granularity (block size) and memory consumption can be set.

In decoding mode leco processes a data file (possibly containing errors) and an ECC file and produces a corrected output file.


Calculate a 64M ECC file for a given data file:

$ leco -e -n 1024 -s 64M input.dat output.erc

Correcting a damaged file:

$ leco -d input.bad input.erc output.dat


File name Signature Date Size Description
MD5SUMS   2007-08-05 644 MD5 checksums of all other files
leco-0.1.4.tar.gz tar.gz.sig tar.sig 2007-08-05 97397 leco 0.1.4 sources
leco-0.1.3.tar.gz tar.gz.sig tar.sig 2006-12-10 97534 leco 0.1.3 sources
leco-0.1.2.tar.gz tar.gz.sig tar.sig 2006-07-11 92211 leco 0.1.2 sources

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